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Hi! I'm Cathy Hutchison. I share with professionals how to market themselves, become high-achievers, and get more joy in their day jobs.

For the past 20 years, I've spent my career marketing consultants in the AEC industry. It has made me a focused student of why clients hire people to perform their craft at the highest level.

Personally, I love the moments when professionals connect to an idea that sparks them into possibility. When they own a concept that helps them become who they most want to be.

My mission?  To help professionals find joy and freedom in a world of demands. 

Topic - Dare to Upgrade Your Personal Brand


While most of us spend our day jobs building brands for the companies we serve, we also have a personal brand whether we pay attention to it or not. 

Join Cathy Hutchison, CPSM for practical advice for building yourself as a personal brand in a session that covers everything from deciding what to feature and identifying personal messaging to savvy ways to upgrade your LinkedIn profile. Whether you are freelance or serve as part of a larger firm, you can create big impact by building your personal branding. 

Big thoughts for this session 

  • You can improve how you show up in a Google search (4 quick fixes)
  • There is an easy shortcut for crafting your tagline. 
  • How to develop your differentiation.
  • How to craft your personal messaging.
  • How to create alignment across platforms.

Where this session has been presented

  • SMPS Southern Regional Conference, Dallas, February 2017
  • Society for Design Administration (SDA) April Meeting, Dallas, 2016
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Topic - Simplify your Career without Compromising Success

Our careers are where our lifestyle often breaks down. After all, there are so many things that have to be done in a day to make a living. Most of us wind up feeling stressed and overwhelmed rather than finding that sense of calm and freedom.

What if I told you that it is possible to achieve a sense of simplicity at work? In fact, what if uncluttering your tasking at the office is the secret to getting off the proverbial hamster wheel?

Join Cathy Hutchison, CPSM and author of for a deep dive into strategies for eliminating non-essential tasks, cracking the code of why you have too much to do, and sharing five life hacks to make your career easier without compromising success.

The big thoughts for this session

  1. You get more productive when you eliminate the non-essential. The problem is that everything feels essential. There are three levels to overcome this. 
  2. You have too much to do because you aren’t in control of your own time. (But you can negotiate that).
  3. Five favorite life hacks for managing your time and energy when it comes to your career.

This session has been presented at

  • The Uncluttered Summit - February 2017
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Topic - Worth 1,000 Words - Hands On Graphic Facilitation Workshop

You may have noticed a trend toward more visual meetings. Graphic note taking, idea mapping, post it notes and multicolor markers are now standard in conference rooms everywhere. The thing is, this trend is popular because it works. Want to learn how?

Join Cathy Hutchison for a hands-on, interactive workshop in graphic facilitation for meetings. Learn why unstructured graphics can be more effective than polished ones, and explore how to leverage them for everything from client conversations and brainstorming sessions to formal interviews. Then learn the basics on how to make this work for yourself, and change the way you capture ideas and bring more life to planning conversations.

Big thoughts for this meeting 

  • We are biologically wired to be visual. 
  • Visuals can often reveal the underlying structure better than words.
  • Drawing creates a state change. 
The rest of the session dives deep into graphic facilitation. Ideally the talk is structured so that participants receive the following supplies with their registration:
  • Strathmore Visual Journal Bristol Smooth, 28 pages 
  • Staedtler Triplus Fineliner pen, black ink
  • Prismacolor Premier Soft-Core Colored Pencils, 24-count

Where this talk has been presented

  • SMPS Dallas Educational Event - February 2017

Topic - Craft the Go / NoGo for Your Career

Companies with a strong Go/NoGo protocol win better projects and spend less money winning them. Companies that don't, run their marketers ragged chasing every opportunity that comes along and often get tied up in work that is neither profitable nor aligned with their mission.

Did you know that the Go/NoGo process can be applied to you…personally? How we evaluate professional opportunities can determine whether or not we achieve our aspirational career goals. Join Cathy Hutchison, CPSM for a look at the elements that form a personal Go/NoGo process to help take ownership of our career path. 

Big thoughts for this session

  • Discover a framework you can use to evaluate opportunities to protect you from getting stuck in work that does not engage you.
  • Learn a method to figure out the “hidden currency” in your office to improve your value and potentially resolve people issues.
  • Through the profit lens, learn how to ask for a raise and explore non-monetary compensation to make your work more valuable. 

Where this session has been presented before

  • Build Business 2016 - Philadelphia Downtown Marriot - Philadelphia, PA
  • SMPS Twin Cities - International Market Square, Minneapolis - March 2017

Topic - Forget Time Management. Focus on Energy.

We are all caught in the problem of "not enough time" but what if time isn't really our problem? After all, we all have the same 24 hours each day. Why do some people seem not only wildly more productive but also seem to have more satisfaction? What if the secret to time management isn't about time at all?

Big thoughts for this session

  • Discover the unfortunate reason we have so many tasks in our schedules that drain us.
  • Learn three ways to build your personal energy.
  • Discover why focusing on energy can be a much more effective strategy than managing time.

Where this session has been presented before

  • Build Business 2016 - Philadelphia Downtown Marriot - Philadelphia, PA

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