Topic - Craft the Go / NoGo for Your Career

Companies with a strong Go/NoGo protocol win better projects and spend less money winning them. Companies that don't, run their marketers ragged chasing every opportunity that comes along and often get tied up in work that is neither profitable nor aligned with their mission.

Did you know that the Go/NoGo process can be applied to you…personally? How we evaluate professional opportunities can determine whether or not we achieve our aspirational career goals. Join Cathy Hutchison, CPSM for a look at the elements that form a personal Go/NoGo process to help take ownership of our career path. 

Big thoughts for this session

  • Discover a framework you can use to evaluate opportunities to protect you from getting stuck in work that does not engage you.
  • Learn a method to figure out the “hidden currency” in your office to improve your value and potentially resolve people issues.
  • Through the profit lens, learn how to ask for a raise and explore non-monetary compensation to make your work more valuable. 

Where this session has been presented before

  • Build Business 2016 - Philadelphia Downtown Marriot - Philadelphia, PA
  • SMPS Twin Cities - International Market Square, Minneapolis - March 2017

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