Topic - Dare to Upgrade Your Personal Brand

As providers of professional services, we aren’t just selling our company—we are selling ourselves. But how do we get beyond the info on a bio page to become known for what truly makes us great? More importantly, how do we do this with a limited investment of time?

Join Cathy Hutchison, CPSM and Director of Marketing for Idibri for a lunch and learn with practical advice in developing personal brands. This session will touch the real-world elements of crafting an image, benefits of differentiation, winning at SEO, writing bio copy that connects and ways to get your personal brand in front of the people you care about.

Cathy Hutchison Speaker Bio

Cathy Hutchison, CPSM is the Director of Marketing—VP for Idibri, a multidiscipline engineering firm specializing in acoustics, theatre consulting and technology design. Idibri works at the top of its field serving clients such as the Circuit of the Americas, St. Louis Blues, Galaxy Broadway Theatre and the Harvard School of Business. Cathy has spent the past 20 years of her career marketing professionals and helping her team each craft their profile the marketplace. 

In her free time, Cathy creates content and illustrations for online publications, including—a site inspired by her work leading the Mentor-Protégé program for SMPS Dallas. 

Big thoughts for this session 

  • You can improve how you show up in a Google search (4 quick fixes)
  • There is an easy shortcut for crafting your tagline. 
  • How to develop your differentiation.
  • How to craft your personal messaging.
  • How to create alignment across platforms.

Where this session has been presented

  • OMNIPLAN Wisdom Wednesdays March 2018
  • SMPS Dallas, January 2018
  • SMPS Fort Worth, 2017 
  • SMPS Southern Regional Conference, Dallas, February 2017
  • Society for Design Administration (SDA) April Meeting, Dallas, 2016
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