Topic - Forget Time Management. Focus on Energy.

We are all caught in the challenge of "not enough time" but what if time isn't really our problem? After all, we each have the same 24 hours each day. Why do some people seem more productive than the rest of us? Are they really just better at managing it? Or is there something else? What if the secret to time management isn't about time at all?

Join author, Cathy Hutchison, for a look at the real issue we face: managing our personal energy. This session will focus on how to work the equation of banishing the things that drain us and present some creative experiments to help us build it. After all, when we have boundless energy, we not only get way more done, but we also enjoy the process.

Big thoughts for this session

  • Learn why it isn't about time at all. 
  • Discover the unfortunate reason we have so many tasks in our schedules that drain us.
  • Get inspired to try experiments to build your personal energy.
  • Discover why focusing on energy can be a much more effective strategy than managing time.

Where this session has been presented before

  • Build Business 2016 - Philadelphia Downtown Marriot - Philadelphia, PA
  • Facebook Creative Tribes May 2018 - Fort Worth, TX

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