Topic - Simplify your Career without Compromising Success

Our careers are where our lifestyle often breaks down. After all, there are so many things that have to be done in a day to make a living. Most of us wind up feeling stressed and overwhelmed rather than finding that sense of calm and freedom.

What if I told you that it is possible to achieve a sense of simplicity at work? In fact, what if uncluttering your tasking at the office is the secret to getting off the proverbial hamster wheel?

Join Cathy Hutchison, CPSM and author of for a deep dive into strategies for eliminating non-essential tasks, cracking the code of why you have too much to do, and sharing five life hacks to make your career easier without compromising success.

The big thoughts for this session

  1. You get more productive when you eliminate the non-essential. The problem is that everything feels essential. There are three levels to overcome this. 
  2. You have too much to do because you aren’t in control of your own time. (But you can negotiate that).
  3. Five favorite life hacks for managing your time and energy when it comes to your career.

This session has been presented at

  • The Uncluttered Summit - February 2017
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