Topic - Worth 1,000 Words - Hands On Graphic Facilitation Workshop

You may have noticed a trend toward more visual meetings. Graphic note taking, idea mapping, post it notes and multicolor markers are now standard in conference rooms everywhere. The thing is, this trend is popular because it works. Want to learn how?

Join Cathy Hutchison for a hands-on, interactive workshop in graphic facilitation for meetings. Learn why unstructured graphics can be more effective than polished ones, and explore how to leverage them for everything from client conversations and brainstorming sessions to formal interviews. Then learn the basics on how to make this work for yourself, and change the way you capture ideas and bring more life to planning conversations.

Big thoughts for this meeting 

  • We are biologically wired to be visual. 
  • Visuals can often reveal the underlying structure better than words.
  • Drawing creates a state change. 
The rest of the session dives deep into graphic facilitation. Ideally the talk is structured so that participants receive the following supplies with their registration:
  • Strathmore Visual Journal Bristol Smooth, 28 pages 
  • Staedtler Triplus Fineliner pen, black ink
  • Prismacolor Premier Soft-Core Colored Pencils, 24-count

Where this talk has been presented

  • SMPS Dallas Educational Event - February 2017
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