I speak at conferences, meetings and retreats on topics related to: 
  • marketing professional services
  • using blogging and social media to promote your company, organization or self as a brand
  • strategies to be more effective in your day job
  • how to free up energy for your highest goals
Sessions I've recently presented to other groups: 
- Simple Living Summit 2017: How to Simplify Your Career without Compromising Success (video)
- SMPS Southern Regional Conference 2017: Dare to Build Your Personal Brand
- SMPS Dallas 2017 / SMPS Phoenix 2017: Worth 1,000 Words: Hands-On Graphic Facilitation Workshop
- Build Business CPSM Day 2016:  Craft the Go / NoGo for Your Career
- SMPS National Convention 2016: Forget time Management. Focus on Energy (video)
- SMPS Dallas 2016:  The Power of Mentorship: How to Get it, Give it, and Create it in Your Firm
- Global Design Alliance 2016: Leveraging Social Media for Professional Services Firms
- Global Design Alliance 2016: DIY PR for Professional Services Firms
- UBER 2015: Flash Branding: How we Recrafted and Implemented a Company Name Change in 60 Days
- Build Business 2015: Get Back Your Personal and Professional Bounce
- SMPS Dallas 2015: How to Build a Marketing Plan from Scratch
- Oral Fixation's In The Doghouse at the Dallas City Performance Hall (video)
- The Church Network 2016: Leverage Social Media to Reach a Local Audience
- WFX 2013: Understanding and Using Social Media for Churches (video)
- WFX 2012: Twenty-One Fresh Ideas for Connecting on Social Media

I enjoy helping groups meet organizational goals. Would a custom topic meet the needs of your unique context? Connect with me using the contact button above.
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