Hire me for Graphic Recording

Want me to scribe your meeting?

Have you seen the whiteboard artists that capture meetings and conversations graphically in real time?

I provide graphic facilitation (also called scribing or graphic recording) for client meetings, workshops and presentations.  There is power in in the real-time capture of conversations.  Not only does it document the ideas from a session, but it also serves as a catalyst to help people form their thoughts. It supports group learning and decision-making.

Rates for scribing services vary based on the size/type of meeting and the time required.  I am happy to put together a custom proposal for your event.

How I got into this...

I first discovered scribing at an event put on by Leadership Network. There was a man (whom I later learned was Michael Lagocki) standing at the back of the crowd with a handful of markers capturing the ideas from the stage in a way that gave them form.

That morning, we had been listening to amazing speakers like Jim Collins, Ray Bakke and Mary Crossan.  I was so full of inspiration and ideas that there was learning fatigue. Everything was running together. Then when I walked past Michael's boards, suddenly everything came into focus.

It was magic.

I became so fascinated with the process that I made sure I was introduced to Michael. My company hired him to coach me and I began practicing on my own--taking crayons to meetings and later working from my tablet PC. Eventually, I started to scribe during client work sessions and other meetings to facilitate and capture content visually.

Learning to scribe changed the way I processed information. And now, I help others do that too.
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