Meet Cathy

Hi, I'm Cathy Hutchison. 

My personal journey is about discovering joy, meaning and freedom in a world of demands. I mentor, write and speak to help others do the same.

What I do professionally and passionately...

I create content because I love the energy that comes from connecting people to people and people to ideas. (Connecting ideas to ideas is just icing on the cake.)

For the past 20 years, I've used these skills at Idibri--a team of acousticians, theatrical consultants and technology designers who work anywhere that thousands of people gather. I serve as a Director of Marketing and Vice President there.

I particularly enjoy crafting content for audiences. Want to see sample videos?

As a personal development blogger since 2007, my writing can be found all over the web including, Medium, and (I still maintain my personal blog at

As a skilled as a graphic facilitator, I'm often hired to scribe team meetings and events--such as the TEDx Plano salon series. I provide freelance illustration for clients such as Mirasee.

One of my favorite projects is leading the Mentor/Protege Program for SMPS Dallas.

(If you happen to be wondering how I have the bandwidth to do all of this, it is because I get up at 5am each day, practice essentialism, am fueled by green smoothies, and am surrounded by exceptional family and friends.)

Speaker bio for personal development sessions

Cathy Hutchison is an author, speaker, and graphic facilitator (which means she gets paid to doodle on whiteboards to help groups see conversations in real time.)

Her mission in life? To help people discover joy, meaning and freedom in a world of demands. Her personal journey is a story of learning that the templates we are handed don't always deliver the life they promise. Luckily, she has also found out that we can become who we really are simply by being willing to color outside the lines. Her writing is designed to empower readers to make the choice to live with intention, and her work at is aimed at helping people leverage the art of thinking on paper to clarify what they want, and then to achieve it.

Cathy leads the Mentoring program for SMPS Dallas; has authored three books, including Bad Christian and The Simple Guide to Visual Journaling; and has a vibrant full-time day job as a VP for a team of consulting engineers. Find out more at

Speaker bio for the AEC Industry

With a professional background that combines marketing, communications, graphic facilitation and business development strategy, Cathy Hutchison leads marketing for Idibri—a multidiscipline team of acousticians, technology designers and theatre consultants.

Cathy is a frequent contributor to online and print publications and speaks at conferences on topics related to marketing, new media, connection and getting more joy out of your day job. Find out more at

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