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For the past 20 years, Cathy Hutchison has led marketing at Idibri--a team of acousticians, theatrical consultants and technology designers who work anywhere that thousands of people gather.

Cathy speaks at conferences, workshops and retreats. Want to see sample videos

She started blogging back in 2007 and continues to create content for the personal development blogs: VisJournaling.com and LoveYourDayJob.net. She still maintains her personal blog at  RandomCathy.com.

Cathy is skilled as a graphic facilitator and is often hired to scribe team meetings and events. Cathy also provides freelance illustration for clients such as Mirasee.

Cathy writes for online and print publications. This year most of her feature work has been with Marketer, Church Designer Magazine, Worship Facilities Magazine, and Church Production.

One of Cathy's favorite projects is leading the Mentor/Protege Program for SMPS Dallas. 

(If you happen to be wondering how Cathy has the bandwidth to do all of this, it is because she gets up at 5am each day, practices essentialism, is fueled by green smoothies, and is surrounded by exceptional family and friends.)

Speaker bio for the AEC Industry

With a professional background that combines marketing, communications, graphic facilitation and business development strategy, Cathy Hutchison leads marketing for Idibri—a multidiscipline team of acousticians, technology designers and theatre consultants.

Cathy is a frequent contributor to a number of online and print publications and speaks at conferences on topics related to marketing, new media, connection and getting more joy out of your day job. Find out more at cathyhutchison.net.

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So, I wrote this book...

So, I wrote this book...
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