What people are saying

"Cathy is a natural speaker with a bright and enthusiastic style of presenting that makes people feel relaxed, connected, and energized. She instantly builds a friendly rapport with her audience, making them laugh and feel comfortable enough to fully engage and ask questions, and she sincerely wants people to take away good information. On the other side of the coin, as an event planner, I know that Cathy’s events are always extremely well received and highly rated. She’s so popular with my group, I have actually had to change venues to allow for a larger crowd in order to meet demand."

Dara Davulcu, Education Chair and President Elect
SMPS Dallas


"I met Cathy at a live event and was immediately amazed by her energy... and also how she LOVES what she does. When I started preparing for my event, the Simple Living Summit, Cathy was one of the first that came to mind. And I have to say... she definitely over-delivered. Unlike most interview guests who just wait for you to give them question lists, Cathy immediately pulled together a list of topics she could cover which really helped a lot. Also, I'm super grateful for how she helped me keep track of each day of the event and provided feedback (debug) for every email campaign I sent out."

Wuyen Hsu, Founder, 
The Uncluttered Lifestyle and Creator of the Simple Living Summit


"As a regional conference organizer, I seek speakers who can not only provide meaningful content, but who can captivate, energize, and motivate their audience.  Cathy’s PersonalBranding presentation was one of the most raved about, and the highest-rated overall session, of our 2017 conference.  The feedback ranged from comments on how personalized and implementable the content was to Cathy’s undeniable vibrancy and joyfulness.  Speakers like Cathy don’t just make a single event successful – they create a legacy that makes attendees excited to come back to conference year after year."

Ashley Roberts, Conference Organizer
SMPS Southern Regional Conference 2017


"There's not a lot of people like Cathy. She's extremely knowledgeable with the necessary verbal skills to communicate her thoughts; coupled with the keen desire to synthesize many facts into a solution. I've seen her successfully present her ideas several times in a large audience format as well as witnessed her persuasiveness in an internal office meeting. She's strategic, kind, and always an encouragement!"

Mark MacDonald
Communication Strategist
President, Be Known for Something


"Cathy Hutchison is a completely delightful speaker. Equal parts practical and whimsical, her presentations are built on real world examples infused with joie de vivre. Countless times I've lost myself in her stories, yet walked away with actionable ideas."

Shannah Hayley, Director of Marketing and Community Engagement
City of Plano


“When Cathy Hutchison speaks for our association she brings energy, wisdom, and engagement. Her insights are on target and her creativity gives fresh perspective to the audience. Adding her to your schedule will be a smart move on your part.”

Phill Martin, Deputy Chief Executive Officer
The Church Network


"Sitting in a room with 100 other people and I feel like Cathy Hutchison is having a one-on-one conversation with me. She is a natural connector and passionate about her topics which makes being an audience member worthwhile. Cathy can relate to all professional levels and give actionable items that the audience is eager to implement before they leave the room."

Julie Huval, CPSM, Past-President
SMPS Dallas


"Cathy participated in a high level retreat for a $1.4 trillion industry re-engineering effort. She provided a wonderful pictorial recap of all of our discussions and helped us to synthesize our thoughts and develop an action plan that everyone supported."

Rex Miller
International Award Winning Author | Thought Leader | Culture Change Expert

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