Hi, I'm Cathy Hutchison.

I connect people and ideas as a marketer, author, illustrator, and sketchnote artist.

"Cathy Hutchison is brilliant at helping thought leaders craft their ideas into content. She understands SEO and executes in a way that has intelligence and heart."

- Jon Morrow, CEO, SmartBlogger

"Cathy Hutchison is the most valuable go-to person in my network. I am making a fast pivot in my business model to focus on social media and online content. I've hired her to help me in that transition. I'm a book writer. That's my problem. Cathy is a guru for online copy. She is literally my copy whisperer."

- Rex Miller, CEO, Mindshift

What I do professionally and passionately

My work exists in the space between people and ideas. Leaders can often get caught up in their own thoughts, and struggle to communicate them clearly. I help them find the connections, identify what's essential, and communicate concepts in ways that resonate with others.

For the past twenty years, I've marketed the consultants at Idibri—a brilliant team of acousticians, theatre planners, and technology designers who serve venues where thousands of people gather.

My personal writing focuses on topics related to thought leadership, personal branding, thinking on paper, and finding more joy in your day job. My bylines can be found in several prominent online journals, including: Hacker Noon, Business Insider, Career Relaunch, and Marketer. One of my most comprehensive articles is How to Journal | The Ultimate Guide; to see a longer list of my writing, check out my MuckRack profile.

My writing has opened up opportunities for me to present content for audiences across the country. Download my speaker CV or watch a sample video.

Why am I often pictured with crayons?

When I first saw someone sketchnote at a conference, I was blown away by the clarity that visual notes provide, and began to practice visual journaling with crayons in a notebook I carried with me everywhere. Now, I help others learn to journal visually as well, through my passion project: yourvisualjournal.com. In addition to creating the content and illustrations for the website, I also teach workshops on the technique. You can check out my online course here.

Years of visual journaling have honed my skill as a graphic facilitator and I have scribed for clients like TEDx Plano, Global Design Alliance, Perkins+Will, and SMPS. Download my scribing CV.

In addition, I provide freelance illustrations for clients, such as Mirasee.

One more thing I care deeply about

I lead the Mentor/Protégé Program for SMPS Dallas. Something magical happens when people meet one-on-one to share their experiences. I've been mentoring for the past nine years, and I highly recommend giving your time to connect with people who are going where you have already been. Growth accelerates when people connect on a regular basis to share aspirations--both the mentor and the protégé .

If you are wondering how I have the bandwidth to do all of this...

I am fueled by green smoothies, a vibrant yoga practice, fantastic mentors, the practice of essentialism, and I am surrounded by exceptional family and friends.

Say hello.

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